The Real Estate Show

The artists’ group Colab (aka Collaborative Projects) formed in 1978, coming together as a large meeting of artists and continuing as a project-oriented grant-getting group. At the end of 1979, a group of artists working with Colab occupied a vacant city-owned building to put up a show on the theme of real estate. The occupation was evicted, but the artists were assigned another space, a storefront nearby. This became the ABC No Rio cultural center, which exists today. Colab continued for many years, producing the Times Square Show (1980) and the MWF Video Club distribution project (1986) among many others. The “Real Estate Show Revisited” show in spring of 2014 was a multi-venue exhibition which attempted to reanimate the original exhibition, and at the same time pose again many of the questions it had raised. These questions, around urban development on the Lower East Side, remain urgent to this day.

review of “Real Estate Show Revisited” by Natasha Kurhanova

Colab artists’ group
ABC No Rio Dinero book online (1985)
“Times Square Show Revisited” website, 2012