Gambling in the Philippines

Betting in the Philippines was present since the sixteenth century,[1] and is still prevalent in the nation today. Currently, it takes on various legal and illegal types found almost all over the archipelago. The government handles gambling through the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) that intends to govern and operate games of chance, and to generate government capital,[2] but in addition, there are several other public and private agencies that handles particular forms of gambling. In particular, casino gambling under PAGCOR is necessary to the country’s tourism and revenue. The Philippines has more casinos than Macau, with twenty found in Metro Manila alone.
Before the Spanish colonization.,[1] gaming is thought to have already been within the Philippines. Even though there are no exact records when gambling was initially practiced in the archipelago, it is possible that some forms were introduced by the Chinese in the late sixteenth century. Because of the proximity of the two nations, many local Chinese would go to the Philippines for business and gain, engaging in different trades and activities. [4][5] On Magellan’s voyage into the Philippines, it was noted in the accounts of Antonio Pigafetta, that he had already witnessed bets being put on cockfights if his boat arrived in Palawan in 1521.

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