Christodora The Flight of a Sea Animal: An inquiry into the rise and fall of one of the finest settlement houses in urban America. Christodora House on Avenue B, established in 1887 as The Young Women’s Settlement House and later known in the neighborhood as the “Little House by the Side of the Road.”

Yuri Kapralov Frozen Stiff During Summer Heat Wave (One version of an introduction) Oh boy, it’s now ninety-six degrees and still rising. Not a single leaf moves above us, not one pigeon, not one squirrel. The dogs lie ominously quiet, perhaps they are already boiled. Even the concrete of our chess tables is hot. The […]

Looking Back — and Forth

Alan W. Moore ABC No Rio Dinero is in large measure a conventional victory story. A militant polemic and direct action are rewarded with an accommodation by power, then the fun begins. In truth, ABC No Rio was an accident, an infamous fortuity born of a combination of autonomous artistic enterprise and the political calculations […]

Excavating Real Estate

Alan W. Moore with the artists of the Real Estate Show The Real Estate Show, opened New Year’s Eve January 31, 1979, was an unpermitted art show in an empty building on Delancey Street owned by the City of New York. Almost immediately the show was discovered, and the building locked up again. Later the […]