House Magic Bureau of Foreign Correspondence is an information project on radical spatial practice, political engaged artistic production and struggles to create zones of autonomy, spaces of freedom, and potentials for anti-capitalist resistance in the city. House Magic began in 2009 as an irregular zine circulating information about squats, occupied social centers and art projects in occupied spaces and gone on to produce exhibitions, discussions and other publications. House Magic is now expanding to become a point of convergence for field reports, activist research, engaged scholarship and critical writing on write my essay rapid squatting, occupations, struggles for urban space and radical cultural production.

House Magic is interested in occupied spaces as both sites of cultural production and as spatial conditions produced by cultural forces working in the margins of, or in opposition to the hegemonic orders that structure urban space. House Magic seeks to create a space for discussion of squatting and occupation practices and — in the context provided by this — frame write my essay rapid discourses on larger issues of cultural production, urban space, and political practice.

Alan Moore

Other Forms

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